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OLED Display Module: GE-7000 Series

High-performance intelligent design includes all the necessary circuitry to drive the OLED panel with a single 3.3V power source.


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Simple Command-based Operation

Noritake’s firmware eliminates long start-up sequences and reduces character display byte overhead to perform a simple operation like displaying an 'A' on a display by using a single byte character code.

Command Hex Code
Character Display 0x20 to 0xFF
Backspace 0x08
Horizontal Tab 0x09
Line Feed 0x0A
Home Position 0x0B
Carriage Return 0x0D
Display Clear 0x0C
Initialize Display 0x1B, 0x40

Effortless MCU Interfacing

simple serial interface

Available with industrial standard serial interfaces (UART/I2C/SPI) to directly connect the display to an MCU.

Dependable OLED panel

  • Reliable COG OLED panel construction
  • Long life: 70K-100K hours till 50% brightness attenuation
  • High quality "made in Japan" panel is used

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