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Discount sale for GU256X128D-3900BT

Price: $131.46 Special Discount Price
Item Number: GU256X128D-3900BT
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Noritake GU256X128D-3900BT is a vacuum fluorescent display module which has 8x4 matrix 'self capacitive' touch switch with 256x128 dots high resolution screen.


  • Dot matrix display
  • 8x4 touch switch grid
  • High density dot matrix
  • Message display
  • Onboard FlashROM
  • Operate as standalone unit
  • Display bitmaps
  • GPIO
  • 8 Display brightness levels
  • Direct memory access mode
  • Easy to use commands:
    Display controls
    Font options
    Image controls

VFD technology

  • Easy to read vibrant emissive display
  • Blue-green illumination
  • Responsive display
  • High contrast
  • Wide operating temperature range (-40 up to +85°C)
  • Wide viewing angle


  • DC 5V input

Outer dimension

  • 170.0 x 90.0 (mm)


  • CMOS 8 bit parallel
  • RS232 asynchronous serial


  • Store bitmap
  • Store routines
  • Store UDF (user definable fonts)
  • Store font table

Font tables

  • Extended ASCII
  • International
  • East-Asian (CJK)

Design Resources

Development support tools, the full specification datasheet, and quality spec are available for this product. Please contact Noritake sales engineers by filling the contact form.

Supporting tools

GUD-10K Software


  • Execute command with click of a button
  • Record all actions into a routine and play it back
  • Export to various programming formats
    - Intel Hex file, Assembler source, and C code


PC-RS232 Connection Kit for GU-3000 Series and CU-TE Series

Item Number: SCK-CA07PW06-N1

Includes PC (D-sub 9 Connector, RS-232 voltage level) to VFD module (JST 7 pin connector, RS-232 voltage level) cable with 5V DC adapter. For GU-3000 Series and CU-TE Series.

Recommended to be used with GUD-10K Software (free download)

Cable type: RS-232 Serial
Cable length: 65 cm (25.6 in)
Connector A: DB-9 female
Connector B: JST-XHP-7 female
Mate Connector B: Preassembled with
the VFD module
Power supply input: 100-240V~
0.5 A max. 50-60Hz
Power supply output: 5V, 3A


PC-RS232 Connection Kit for GU-7000(B) and CU-Y100

Need connectors, cables, and/or color filter with your VFD module?

Ask us about our Value Added Serivces.

Let us pre-assemble and inspect the quality for you. We follow the IPC standards and nothing leaves the door unless the quality meets class 2 or higher. Not only you can cutdown on the extra cost associated with subcontracting the secondary operation, it's one less thing you have to worry about.
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