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Connection Kit for GU-D Series

Price: Please contact Noritake Sales Office
Please call us for the availability +1-847-439-9020 (USA)
Item Number: SCK-MCB526PW06-N1

GU-D Connection Kit

This Kit provides a way to connect Microsoft Windows based PC to GU-D Series module by using the PC's USB port.

A 14 pin header ( .100" pitch ) needs to be soldered on the display module side.

Picture Manual is available to see the connection kit assembly instructions.

Recommended to be used with GUD-10K Software (free download)

Kit includes;

AC Power Adapter (NTC-05-0006)

  • Input voltage: 100-240Vac.
  • Output voltage: 5V (Max. 2.5A)
  • Note: A 2.1mm power jack (center-positive) is used.

FTDI Cable (TTL-232R-3V3-WE with a custom connector assembly)

  • Cable Type: USB to Serial (CMOS)
  • USB driver can be downloaded from the manufacturer website.
  • Cable Length: 1.8m (70.9 in)
  • Signal Voltage: 3.3V
  • Power Voltage: 5V (not used)
  • Connector A: USB (Type A)
  • Connector B: 6 pin (JST XHP-6)

GUD Connection Board (MCB-526-NDE0-N11)

  • Connector C: 2 pin (JST S2B-XH-A(LF)(SN))
  • Connector D: 6 pin (JST S6B-XH-A(LF)(SN))
  • Connector E: 14 pin (.100” pitch) female pin header
  • Input voltage: 5V
  • Output voltage (to display):
    - 5V (Power)
    - 3.3V (Signals)
  • Note: This board is for evaluation use ONLY and is provided AS IS. We are not responsible for anything that may happen as a result of misuse.
  • Note: Please check the pin assignments on the connection board and display board. Verify that pin 1 on the module corresponds to pin 1 on the connection board.


  • Power supply spec is updated to 5V (Max. 2.5A) on November 15, 2019

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