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Sample Price: $102.47
In Stock: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.
Item Number: GU128X64E-U100

Prototype quantities up to 3 pcs are eligible for sample 14 pin header shipped unsoldered.
Option for free color filter sample P/N: F3-FS-07 available during the checkout. See below in "Accessories" section for details ▼
Online purchase only.

If you require multiple evaluation samples or live outside of US and
Canada and interested in GU128X64E-U100, please fill out the contact form ►

Display for Best Readability

GU128X60E-U100 is inteded for applications with 128x64 LCD graphic display that have poor readability and/or rapidly changing content.
GU128X60E-U100, being emissive display is viewable from wide angles solving readability problem.
The response time and refresh rate is also faster than 128x64 LCD graphic displays, eliminating ghost images from the display.

More info on GU128X64E-U100 VFD Module ►



  • Graphic display
  • KS0108 compatible commands
  • 128x64 LCD footprint

VFD technology

  • Easy to read vibrant emissive display
  • Blue-green illumination
  • Responsive display
  • High contrast
  • Wide operating temperature range (-40 up to +85°C)
  • Wide viewing angle


  • DC 5V input

Outer dimension

  • 93.0 x 70.0 mm


  • 8 bit parallel
  • Serial Type 1: CU-UW
  • Serial Type 2: SPI
  • Serial Type 3: Signal Separate

Supporting tools

Code library

GU-U100 code library

Demo files


Option for free color filter sample available during the checkout.

Item Number: F3-FS-07

Includes five (5) 95 mm x 34 mm standard color filters: Blue, Smoke Gray, Green, Aqua, and Rose.

Color # Color Color Code Transmission Transmitted color
1 Blue BL N6401 21% Blue
5 Smoke Gray SG N217 31% Blue Green
12 Green GR N6515 29% Green
16 Aqua AQ N8912 16% Aqua
17 Rose RO N660 28% White
Thickness of Filter Material = 1.0 mm
Transmission Values are based on information we believe to be reliable.
It is offered in good faith, but without guarantee.
Transmitted colors are based on common color and for identification purposes only.
Please consult with your local Sales Engineer for additional colors, sizes, and both sided tapes.
Free color filter sample

Need connectors, cables, and/or color filter with your VFD module?

Ask us about our Value Added Serivces.

Let us pre-assemble and inspect the quality for you. We follow the IPC standards and nothing leaves the door unless the quality meets class 2 or higher. Not only you can cutdown on the extra cost associated with subcontracting the secondary operation, it's one less thing you have to worry about.
Contact us with your specifications ►

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