After careful consideration, Noritake Co., Inc. (Noritake) has decided to discontinue the manufacture and sale of the following Built-in Controller type VFD (DS series) on April 24, 2018.

  • DS1625M
  • DS2025R
  • DS2029H
  • DS202MZ
  • DS2045G
  • DS2049E
  • DS2049F

What was BC-VFD?

The BC-VFD or built-in controller Vacuum Fluorescent Display has the dependable and reliable CU-U Series HD44780 compatible controller built-in to the display glass.

Can CU-U module replace the BC-VFD?

Since both BC-VFD and CU-U are using the same controller chip, CU-U Series are most reasonable replacement item. Please refer to CU-U Series product page to check the display spec.

For inquiries

Noritake appreciates and values our business relationship and look forward to your continued interest in our products. To best serve you, all inquiries and requests should be directed through the official sales channels or you can contact the nearest Noritake Sales Office.